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You can say that our shoe is somewhat magical, it carries us from one space to another, keeping our feet in a safe and comfortable surrounding, protecting us from any new ground. I never really understood this wonder of a product, how its constructed and kept together.

In this project, I was exposed to the making of the product and saw the amount of material and construction needed to create a shoe.

We live in a world with limited resources and no object is created on an island. Everything is connected and everything has its influence.

Every product that we purchase has its influence and connections to things we would rather not think about or be aware of, we would rather get rid of the old and purchase something new.


The prototype is created using only two materials. 100% canvas and recycled rubber, with no glue, but rather uses a silk screen printing technique. The usage of minimal materials is effective in a couple of stages in the lifespan of the product. The first stage being the production stage, the minimal usage of material allows the production to take place in one location with no need for expensive shipping services, which saves energy and money. The second stage is the stage in which the shoe can no longer be used as a shoe and the materials can be separated from one another and be recycled, each product easily put in its own recycling container.

I see this project as a cornerstone that can make an impact on the whole world of production. Although the preoccupation is only focused on shoes and of course, also this product is still in need of more development, I still want to believe, and am ready to work, for a reality in which we are fully aware of what we are wearing, what we walk around with, and what we are sitting on, etc., and know how to make sure that the life cycle of these objects, don’t come to a stop.

The shoe happens to be its own packaging, and is designed as a flat and compact packaging, which allows a larger quantity of products to be delivered at once.

In this shoe, the purchaser is an active partner in the making and the life cycle of the product. The shoe is created on the guideline principles of the textile used and makes an effort to "close" the circle of the life cycle involved in the product. This all gives the purchaser the opportunity to recycle the shoe and reuse the shoes materials, even after the shoe is no longer used as a shoe.



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