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textile scale

Rugi is a smart textile weight scale, designed for a home environment, with an adjustment Rugi app.

The product is an outcome of a research based on the environmental influences associated with the moment and experience of being weighed. Furthermore, the identification of the scale as a "behavior changing " object, culturally and personally.

As a designer, I decided to intervene in that moment and in the object, and give them a different materialistic identity and different informative feedback. The scale doesn't look, feel, or react, like the object we have come to know. Rugi is a 100% wool rug, with a layer of inductive woven fabric that reacts to the pressure of the weight it receives.  The inductive textile allows the scale to be part of the home furniture. The information is obtained by the Rugi app, and the timing is determined by the user.

The project deals with analyzing  users, environments, materials and technology.

The changes in the new interface of the object create a new intimate experience, that allows us, as users, to read the weight as mass and object, differently.

rugi app flow
home page_flat pic_0004_RUG_1.jpg
rugi introduction screen



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