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mahane yehuda market, often referred to as the shuk, is a bustling partially-open mart in Jerusalem, Israel. more than 250 vendors come together daily to sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to wine and liquors, to housewares and clothing. at the end, the evening plastic containers litter the expanse, no longer of any use.


tachtit stools showcase the unseen details of abandoned containers
each plastic container possesses a unique bottom, and proudly tells the story of its origins through text, symbols, signs and textures. ‘tachtit’ — hebrew for bottom — show the side not usually seen. each canister is cut and turned upside down, supported on a base of bent 2mm steel sheet. the stools were given names in Hebrew referring to the reason of their creation, they are: ‘maim’ (water), ‘zayt’ (olive), ‘canola’ (oil), and ‘malit’ (apple mush).

TACHTIT is a collaboration that took place in 2015
with yohay alush, avner balachsan, and maya shtrigler
the container hidden story
 stool details 
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